Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top Five Myths Bankruptcy - #1

As consumer debt has skyrocketed to over $3 Trillion, many believe the only way out from under the mountain of bills is to declare bankruptcy. But is it right for you? Many myths persist to misinform the public.

“Probably the worst myth about bankruptcy is that you need to be flat broke before you should file,” says Sacramento bankruptcy attorney Gerald B. Glazer. “It is not good to wait until creditors are knocking on your door,” according to Glazer. Planning can prepare you for a bankruptcy that causes the least amount of financial disruption.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tiresome Trip

                My mother, my husband and I had a tiresome trip yesterday. From our little town in the province of North Cotabato, we went to Davao City. After staying for a day, we returned back to our hometown. A trip from our hometown to the city may range from three to six hours of travel. Then, we stroll the city for a whole day to be able to accomplish what we come for. First hour in the morning, we returned home. 
              Imagine how tiresome it had been but I haven't got a chance to have a jeepney ride in the city. As always, jeepneys are too many in the streets of the city but are not enough to accommodate all the passengers. If you are a jeepney rider, you must run for it for you to be able to have a jeepney ride especially during peak hours either in the morning or in the afternoon. It is a relief if you could be able to ride early in a jeepney without any hassle. Somehow a jeepney ride may also be a tiresome trip.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Missing my Jeepney Ride

         I surely missed my jeepney ride. It has been part of my daily routine for years. Now that I have been relocated to the province, I seldom ride in it. I miss the daily encounter with different people in every jeepney ride. I miss the different experiences I used to have in every ride. When  I am still in the city and always alone in the house, every jeepney ride reminds me that I am not alone in this world. It comforts me to be sitting side by side with different people in a jeepney. I am really missing my jeepney ride but through this blog I will relieve the experience.