Wednesday, October 31, 2012


       On my way home, there had been a lot of law enforcers at the street. They came from LTO (Land Transportation Office) who were strict in implementing the laws and regulations among private and public vehicles. The jeepney, were I rode on my way home, did not escape from them. They stopped the jeepney and declared some violations. It delayed our trip for a while. I overheard that the violation incurred was overloading because the "konduktor" was already sitting on the middle of the jeepney and not on the passengers' seat. The violation would entail some fees and fines as well. I think the law enforcer was right in imposing the violation. They were only concern on the safety of the passengers. The safety of the passengers should always be the first priority of jeepney drivers. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bible Reading and Jeepney Ride

     Thanks to my Ipod, I could be able to read my bible even if I was on my way to work or in going home while having my jeepney ride. When I was converted to a Christian, I promised to myself I would finish reading the bible before reading any novel or books. I was inspired to continue this because on one of my jeepney rides, my co-passenger brought with her a hard bound bible and kept on reading while inside the jeepney. Fortunate enough for me I have a soft copy of a bible in my ipod that anywhere may I go I would still be able to have my bible reading. I am still on the book of Samuel and there are still a lot of chapters and pages left. Hopefully I could finish this. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Friendly Chat

      It was a coincidence. I was able to have as a co passenger my schoolmate before who was also staying in the same village where I lived. When we are still students  we always ride on the same jeepney that even if we are not classmates we got to know each other. While on our way, I was able to have a friendly chat with her. We have talked about being newly married, the experience, struggles and adjustments encountered  I was happy to see her. It was only lately that I was able to knew that she already moved together with her husband to their new house in the nearby subdivision. We are so engrossed on talking that I barely noticed that I already arrived on my destination. Hope in my next jeepney ride, she could still be my co passenger so that I will barely notice the time of travel. Till my next jeepney ride guys!.