Sunday, May 13, 2012


           Good thing that in every jeepney ride there is a driver and a route to follow where in you would only say "para" or "lugar" when you already reached your destination. Unlike traveling to a place where you never had been is a bit difficult. You would never know what road to take and what are the landmarks, to be able to know that you are in the right track. Before maps is widely used because it is very reliable in locating roads and highways to be able to arrive in your destination. Now there are already cellphone applications of maps where you just have to type your starting point and end point and it would automatically compute the distance, duration of travel and suggested path to take. Good thing also with the advancement of technology is that there is now a gps tracker. With a gps tracker you could be secured that you are on the right track. It would give you your exact location anywhere you would be. You would just set where your destination is and it would guide you on what road and places to pass towards your destination. Latest models of cars now had already a gps tracker being installed. It is very helpful especially in traveling to new places.  Companies also installed it on their company cars to be able to know the location of their employees. This is the good thing that technology brought us. 


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According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), car theft figures rose by well over 50% last year, which is one of the many reasons vehicle GPS trackers have become so popular in recent times. By installing a reliable tracker, you’ll be able to easily and accurately locate your vehicle in the event of a theft.
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