Monday, February 24, 2014

Jeepney in the Province

Jeepney in the province typically looks like this. It may have baggages strap all over it. Passengers ride inside the jeepney, at the back and even at the top of it. Jeepney route in the province may only took 2-4 trips a day that they maximize every trip with a lot of passengers the jeepney could accommodate. I once experienced riding a jeepney on top of it and I enjoyed it very much. Being on top the jeepney is the spot wherein the dust could not reach you when traveling a very rough and dusty road. This could only be experienced in the province because this is not allowed in the city. Well for me, riding a jeepney in the province is a must-try experience.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Accident-free City

      Accident-free city, maybe this is what the mayor of the city have in mind when he strictly implemented the speed limit. Within the city proper it is now only 30kph, yes as slow as 30kph wherein like the speed of vehicles strolling in the tourists spots. Though it is a bit slow but I like it for it is a prevention measure from accidents. With this implementation measure, the accident rate in the city lowered. This only proves that this new city ordinance brings out good results. 
     Accident happens in a split of a second and this inevitable event brought out damages to properties, personal injuries and cost the lives of men. Philippines belong to the third world country and health care services is not always accessible during accidents when it is needed most. Injury lawyers like Hawaii Injury Lawyer is not also common here. I think it is only right that prevention to accidents like speed limit should be implemented because if accidents happen it is already too late.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jeepney Decor

While strolling on the mall, I was able to pass by these jeepney decors and thought of sharing it with you. This product really is a "tatak Pinoy" (Philippine brand)  and it could be a good souvenir. Jeepney is present in the daily lives of most Filipinos, that when you say Jeepney you can't help but remember Philippines.

Monday, September 23, 2013

True Gentleman

In one of my jeepney rides, I was lucky enough to be able to meet a true gentleman. I was the last person that was accommodated to ride in the jeepney. It so happens that I would not fit anymore in the small space available in the seat of the jeepney. This true gentleman offered me to sit properly so that he would be the one that would settle himself in that small space. As the ride goes on, I observe that he was already sweating, his knee was a bit shaking and his grip on the steel bar was so tight. Even at that state I never heard him complained. I should have been the one that is experiencing what he is facing that time which made me admired his concern for women. It is a rare scenario in a jeepney but a proof that there is still a true gentleman.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fully Loaded Frontseat

My jeepney ride today beat my current record on the number of passengers in the front seat. Usually there should only be two to three passengers in the front seat so that the driver would not find difficulty while driving. Guess how many did I encounter in today's ride in the front seat. Well, we are five in the front seat. That's a lot and I could not move anymore. We became five in the front because a teenager with her sister ask the driver to accommodate them for they had been waiting for a jeepney to stop by for several minutes already. Thankfully the teenager and her sister rode the jeepney for a short distance only. Wow that's another memorable jeepney ride.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mutilated money

YIn a one jeepney ride, I was out of coins and my next money bill is P500. Upon looking at my wallet I was able to find a P20 mutilated money. It was in my wallet for a long time already. It was originally part of our petty cash fund and was exchanged with my personal money. So at that moment in the jeepney I must choose between a crisp P500 bill or a mutilated P20 bill wherein my jeepney fare is only P16. Whichever I will choose I  might still be scolded by the jeepney driver because P500 is a big amount that he might not have change for it and the mutilated P20 bill might not be acceptable. I choose to pay the mutilated P20 bill but if only I had other smaller bills I would not pay it. Anyways upon paying it, the driver accepted it right away and gave me back my change. I was bothered and keep thinking about it. The driver might not be able to use that bill anymore but I hope he could still be able to do so. The bottom line of the story is to always check your available coins and bills before riding a jeepney. :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Not a Gentleman

Gentleman are now few in these days. I would not believe on this for there are a lot of gentleman that still surrounds me but in one rainy jeepney, I was so disappointed with this man. It was raining and as expected, only few jeepneys are available in those times. I had been waiting in my usual spot just below the office for a jeepney. This particular man had been there already. Several minutes had already passed and several jeepneys  had already passby but were full of passengers. One jeepney stopped and this particular man together with the two ladies were running and chasing after the jeepney. This man really push his way to get inside the jeepney just to secure his seat even if he was already bumping the ladies. The other lady was not able to secure a seat so she step down from the jeepney. This shows only that in securing a seat inside the jeepney, expect that only few gentleman will arise.