Saturday, February 8, 2014

Accident-free City

      Accident-free city, maybe this is what the mayor of the city have in mind when he strictly implemented the speed limit. Within the city proper it is now only 30kph, yes as slow as 30kph wherein like the speed of vehicles strolling in the tourists spots. Though it is a bit slow but I like it for it is a prevention measure from accidents. With this implementation measure, the accident rate in the city lowered. This only proves that this new city ordinance brings out good results. 
     Accident happens in a split of a second and this inevitable event brought out damages to properties, personal injuries and cost the lives of men. Philippines belong to the third world country and health care services is not always accessible during accidents when it is needed most. Injury lawyers like Hawaii Injury Lawyer is not also common here. I think it is only right that prevention to accidents like speed limit should be implemented because if accidents happen it is already too late.

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