Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jeepney Driver in Dilemma

     It was an unfortunate accident and if only time could be turn back, maybe this jeepney driver would do the safest action he must do to avoid the accident. It was late in the evening and we are still in Camp Mariano where the 3rd LA Regional Conference had just finish when a loud noise woke us up. I was woken up not by the noise but by the grumbling of people outside our tent. An unfortunate accident happened. Luckily no one was injured but some parts of vehicles had been damaged. It was a sloped area and the jeepney descended when the engine was still off. The driver could not control it anymore that it bump to a van and a toyota hilux. The jeepney was rented as well as the van. The toyota hilux was a company car and it was not a company business transaction that the driver was in great dilemma as well. They are hesitant to report it because the driver of the toyota hilux might loss his job if they do so. If they will not report the accident the insurance company will not shoulder the expenses. Aside from the toyota hilux, the van also need major repairs because the sliding door could not be opened anymore. I pity the jeepney driver for being in this situation. He was already teary-eyed when he was telling the whole story. I don't know how they will resolved this. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012


           Good thing that in every jeepney ride there is a driver and a route to follow where in you would only say "para" or "lugar" when you already reached your destination. Unlike traveling to a place where you never had been is a bit difficult. You would never know what road to take and what are the landmarks, to be able to know that you are in the right track. Before maps is widely used because it is very reliable in locating roads and highways to be able to arrive in your destination. Now there are already cellphone applications of maps where you just have to type your starting point and end point and it would automatically compute the distance, duration of travel and suggested path to take. Good thing also with the advancement of technology is that there is now a gps tracker. With a gps tracker you could be secured that you are on the right track. It would give you your exact location anywhere you would be. You would just set where your destination is and it would guide you on what road and places to pass towards your destination. Latest models of cars now had already a gps tracker being installed. It is very helpful especially in traveling to new places.  Companies also installed it on their company cars to be able to know the location of their employees. This is the good thing that technology brought us. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dream Ride

       Jeepney ride is fun and very accessible but there are some rides that are very seldom to ride on to and more often it is not available. Limousine is one of the vehicles that could be rarely seen and only few people could afford to have it or rent it. Being in a limousine would be a dream ride for me. Though I already saw a vehicle like this in one of the exhibits here in Davao, I don't think I could ever ride in a Limousine during my lifetime. I would already be very fortunate enough if I could be able to do so. Here in the Davao City, I think there were already Limousines for rent but they were very hard to find. Limo Hire Liverpool is only one of the many companies around the world that focuses on limo for hire. Limousine is already very common on other countries and there are a lot of companies that offer these kind of services. If here in the city where I live wherein Limousine is very rare to be seen, in other progressive countries like New York, it is an ordinary vehicle roaming around the city. Though limousine ride is only a dream ride for me, still, it would be great if these dream ride would come true.