Friday, November 23, 2012

Silent Ride

     On my everyday jeepney ride on going home, it was always a silent ride. My co-passengers had been employees like me and some are students who had been exhausted for the whole day that passed by. Common scenario with this ride is the mellow radio music inside the jeepney while most of the passengers are past asleep. Seeing these things make me remember my essay writing when I was in college. I don't know why I chosen jeepney ride as the topic in my essay instead of other interesting topics to write about. My teacher wrote some comments in my write-up and one of the things she mentioned is that how could I relate to some passengers when in the first place there had been no exchange of words or interaction inside the jeepney. According to my teacher most co-passengers are just passers-by in one's life of a jeepney passenger that it would not be possible to learn something in a jeepney ride. I was not been able to have a good mark in that essay. If only I was able to discover that could surely help me in my essay problems. To prove my teacher wrong I was able to have this blog but in every silent ride I have, it made me thinks twice that maybe my teacher had been right. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Foreign Coins

     I was looking for coins in my wallet as my payment for the fare of my jeepney ride this morning. I almost paid a wrong coin. It was a foreign currency coin. It is an Australian coin given to me by my classmate in MBA. She had been in Australia because here sister had been staying there and she just came home from a long vacation there. My other classmates had been asking her if she had some spare Australian coins and she had given it to them as well as to me. It is now part of my collection.
     When my brother started to travel across countries as part of his job being a seaman, I always ask him for spare coins that are still with him when he comes back. I already have coins coming from the countries of Singapore, UK, Australia, Japan, USA and etc. Recently, I came to know about gold bullion coin of USA. It is sold per ounce of the coin and per ounce of the coin is worth almost two thousand dollars. Hope in a lifetime I could be able to buy American gold eagle coin. I would consider it as a treasure that I would really keep and pass it on to my children and grandchildren.