Monday, September 23, 2013

True Gentleman

In one of my jeepney rides, I was lucky enough to be able to meet a true gentleman. I was the last person that was accommodated to ride in the jeepney. It so happens that I would not fit anymore in the small space available in the seat of the jeepney. This true gentleman offered me to sit properly so that he would be the one that would settle himself in that small space. As the ride goes on, I observe that he was already sweating, his knee was a bit shaking and his grip on the steel bar was so tight. Even at that state I never heard him complained. I should have been the one that is experiencing what he is facing that time which made me admired his concern for women. It is a rare scenario in a jeepney but a proof that there is still a true gentleman.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fully Loaded Frontseat

My jeepney ride today beat my current record on the number of passengers in the front seat. Usually there should only be two to three passengers in the front seat so that the driver would not find difficulty while driving. Guess how many did I encounter in today's ride in the front seat. Well, we are five in the front seat. That's a lot and I could not move anymore. We became five in the front because a teenager with her sister ask the driver to accommodate them for they had been waiting for a jeepney to stop by for several minutes already. Thankfully the teenager and her sister rode the jeepney for a short distance only. Wow that's another memorable jeepney ride.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mutilated money

YIn a one jeepney ride, I was out of coins and my next money bill is P500. Upon looking at my wallet I was able to find a P20 mutilated money. It was in my wallet for a long time already. It was originally part of our petty cash fund and was exchanged with my personal money. So at that moment in the jeepney I must choose between a crisp P500 bill or a mutilated P20 bill wherein my jeepney fare is only P16. Whichever I will choose I  might still be scolded by the jeepney driver because P500 is a big amount that he might not have change for it and the mutilated P20 bill might not be acceptable. I choose to pay the mutilated P20 bill but if only I had other smaller bills I would not pay it. Anyways upon paying it, the driver accepted it right away and gave me back my change. I was bothered and keep thinking about it. The driver might not be able to use that bill anymore but I hope he could still be able to do so. The bottom line of the story is to always check your available coins and bills before riding a jeepney. :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Not a Gentleman

Gentleman are now few in these days. I would not believe on this for there are a lot of gentleman that still surrounds me but in one rainy jeepney, I was so disappointed with this man. It was raining and as expected, only few jeepneys are available in those times. I had been waiting in my usual spot just below the office for a jeepney. This particular man had been there already. Several minutes had already passed and several jeepneys  had already passby but were full of passengers. One jeepney stopped and this particular man together with the two ladies were running and chasing after the jeepney. This man really push his way to get inside the jeepney just to secure his seat even if he was already bumping the ladies. The other lady was not able to secure a seat so she step down from the jeepney. This shows only that in securing a seat inside the jeepney, expect that only few gentleman will arise.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Route

We are now in our new office and it means a new route for me. My jeepney ride was lessen by one ride in going home and the jeepney would passby in  our office. I would just have to wait just below our office and I could get a ride in my way home. With this new route for me, I sometimes could not believe that I already get home. Unlike before that I have to pass by a mall before I get home. With this new route, it would be less expensive for me, less traffic, less hassle and more relax time.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wishing for a Traffic

Weird but it's true, there are really times when I wish for a traffic. In a one particular jeepney ride, I was able to ride a jeepney with a reckless driver. By far it was my fastest jeepney ride. My one to two-hour ride became 30 minutes only or less I think. The speed of it made me feel nauseated. The jeepney would turn left or right whenever it is possible. During the whole ride I kept on praying and wishing for a traffic so that the speed of the jeepney would be regulated. A traffic in every corner would refrain the jeepney driver from overspeeding. No matter how fast my jeepney ride had been, I am grateful to be able to arrive safely and in one piece. I hope I could not be able to ride that jeepney again.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

No Smoking

       It has already been years since the city government imposed a city ordinance on no smoking on public places. I am glad with this ordinance for before while riding a jeepney when a co-passenger smokes cigarette you would also inhale all the smoke it emits, lucky enough if it is an e cigaret. With the non-smoking city ordinance, your jeepney ride in the city is   free from cigarette smoke. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jeepney Ref Magnet

This is a jeepney ref magnet. I was surprised to see it at our refrigerator. I do not know where did my mother bought it. I just notice it lately so I thought of sharing it with you. It only shows that jeepney has a great impact on the lives of Filipinos for even in ref magnets there is an available design for jeepney. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Eye Protector

     In my every jeepney ride, I do not neglect to wear my sunglasses. Jeepney is an open type of vehicle wherein the outside wind gets inside the jeepney. It could blow away your hair and could sometimes make your eyes sore because of the dust and dirt carried by the wind. It is important for a passenger to wear  sunglasses not only as an accessory but as a protector as well. It will protect your eyes from the dirt as well as from the brightness of the sun. 
     I always make sure that where ever I go I have my protector from the eyes. I am grateful that in my recent visit to an eye doctor, the results showed that my vision is still normal and eyeglasses with high grades is not yet recommended. The eye doctor only suggests that if I really want to protect my eyes from the radiation of computer, I could buy a specific eyeglass just for that. It was long before then that I was really planning to buy that kind of eyeglasses. My brother encouraged me to buy like the one he was for it would really protect your eyes from long exposure to the radiation emitted by computers. Thankfully, there are a lot of different styles of glasses for women in the eye clinic where I went. After choosing the frames for the glasses and waiting for two hours for them to fix it, I instantly use it. Now I have another eye protector. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Traffic Caused by Election Rally

     I was so exhausted by a heavy traffic caused by an election rally. It is already campaign period and I could not believe it that they held their rally in an intersection of a busy street. They really block the way that it caused a heavy traffic. My supposed to be forty-five minute jeepney ride became two hours. My co-passengers were already exhausted, hungry, angry, sweating and others almost fainted. Due to the severe traffic experienced by the commuters, other passengers who where also voters in this coming election sweared not to vote those candidates who held their election rally there. Too bad for them but they should really be considerate to those affected by the election rally they held. They should think for a more strategic location where they could held their election rally wherein there would be no effects like that. I just really hope it would not happen again. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Parokya ni Edgar:Now Playing

        I was so happy this morning with my jeepney ride. The music played in the jeepney are Parokya ni Edgar songs. I like this band since I was in high school. I like their cool songs and their comical lyrics. My brother was the one who influenced me to like Parokya ni Edgar. He was a fan that almost all of the songs I heared from his playlists are songs of Parokya ni Edgar. Hearing these songs once more while having a jeepney ride was so relaxing and made my ride enjoyable. Here is one of the Parokya ni Edgar songs form Youtube. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

God Bless Our Trip

      A sad news came up this afternoon. A passenger van hit a passenger jeepney resulting to the death of a lot of passengers. It happened at our neighboring town at our province. The accident was fatal for what was left to the van was the flooring part only. It was cut horizontally in the middle by the accident. Mostly of the passengers were nursing students. I am sadden by the news and it is alarming for I always travel going home riding passenger vans. Hope this would remind drivers to be very careful and watch out their speed in driving. It is always my prayer for passengers out there that may God bless our trip.