Monday, April 8, 2013

Eye Protector

     In my every jeepney ride, I do not neglect to wear my sunglasses. Jeepney is an open type of vehicle wherein the outside wind gets inside the jeepney. It could blow away your hair and could sometimes make your eyes sore because of the dust and dirt carried by the wind. It is important for a passenger to wear  sunglasses not only as an accessory but as a protector as well. It will protect your eyes from the dirt as well as from the brightness of the sun. 
     I always make sure that where ever I go I have my protector from the eyes. I am grateful that in my recent visit to an eye doctor, the results showed that my vision is still normal and eyeglasses with high grades is not yet recommended. The eye doctor only suggests that if I really want to protect my eyes from the radiation of computer, I could buy a specific eyeglass just for that. It was long before then that I was really planning to buy that kind of eyeglasses. My brother encouraged me to buy like the one he was for it would really protect your eyes from long exposure to the radiation emitted by computers. Thankfully, there are a lot of different styles of glasses for women in the eye clinic where I went. After choosing the frames for the glasses and waiting for two hours for them to fix it, I instantly use it. Now I have another eye protector. 


may said...

yeah..eye protector is really important especially now that Mr. Sun seemed to shine so hard.

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