Monday, October 10, 2011

Fast Ride

      Thank you for the fast jeepney ride I had today. I was not late at work eventhough I went to a government agency earlier this morning. I went to PhilHealth today to change my status in their system. My new employer told me that the name registered in the PhilHealth system was my single name and not my married name. I had to personally went in their office to update it. Eventhough I had to take on two jeepney ride to reach their office, I was still able to finish my transaction and come on time on my work. Thank you for the smooth, traffic-free and fast jeepney ride I had this morning.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Jeepney at the Province

     In a one particular trip to a very secluded place in our province, I had been able to saw a very interesting jeepney. It is a passenger jeepney that has few rides each day because of the long distance it travels. It would even cross rivers. Though there are already a lot of transportation vehicles to choose from aside from jeepney like multicabs and single motor, most passengers would prefer to ride in a jeepney because it is bigger and safer to ride to especially when the trip involves crossing a river. As you can see it is very much occupied by passengers, it only shows that jeepney is still the number one means of transportation in some provinces.