Thursday, March 29, 2012

Drivers are Sweet Lovers?

        There is a saying that "Drivers are sweet lovers" and I don't know if it is true or not. Though for several years already of being a passenger in a public vehicle like jeepney, I had been able to meet drivers who had always been asking personal questions. I hate it but I don't want to be mean to them. They would ask your name, your occupation, where do you live and sometimes even your cellphone number. It is annoying that sometimes I gave a different name or different number. It is like as if they are looking for a lover. I might be wrong and maybe they are just bored and would like to have someone to talk to while driving the jeepney. Well, I don't know why they behave like these, but is this the characteristic of a sweet lover?. It is for you to judge.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Additional 50 Cents on Jeepney Fare

         Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) already approved the 50 centavos increase in jeepney fares for the first four kilometers. Thankfully, Davao City which is part of Region 11 is not affected of it.  It will only be implemented in Metro Manila, and Regions 2,3,4, and 5. From the minimum fare of P8, it would now be P8.50. It took effect last Wednesday, March 21, 2012.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Perfect Souvenir

      Yes indeed, this is a perfect souvenir. It captured my attention while I was strolling at one of the malls here in Davao. I couldn't help myself in taking out my phone and capture a photo of it. It is really a minute replica of the common means of transportation here in the Philippines, the jeepney. Since, it is only in the Philippines, a jeepney ride and a replica of this jeepney is the best souvenir you could give to your foreigner friends. I could still remember when our foreigner clients went here to visit us, they are so fascinated with the jeepney that instead of riding a taxi, we had a jeepney ride for them to experience it. This minute jeepney is really a perfect souvenir.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


       Being always on a ride is risky. More often than not there are accidents that happened along the way. The vehicles involved could be cars, buses or jeepneys but most of the time it is a motorcycle accident. If lucky enough the injuries attained by parties involve could only be bruises but some are at the worst scenario. If only all parties involve could have personal injury claims East of England that could compensate the expenses involve for the medical check up. I could still remember the time when the jeepney I rode on met an accident. It bumped into the  vehicle at its front because it suddenly stop. Thankfully no one was harm but some us felt some parts of our body are aching. My hand was aching because at the time of the accident I hold on to something to brace the impact and someone's elbow hit my head that it is aching as well. Since, it was just a minor accident we were not send off to the nearest hospital. My co-passengers and I ride again to another jeepney to be able to reach our destination, as if no accidents happened. I think it is always the scenario if only minor accidents involve. They focus more on the damaged properties not on the personal injuries attained by parties involve. That is how things go. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Car Title Loans

          My husband and I had been planning to buy a new car. It is our goal, our dream and aspiration to be able to have our own car. Before we got married, my husband already had his own car but because of some of the impractical features of the car,my husband sold it. Thankfully, I have supportive brother-in-laws who often let us borrow their cars in case of long distance travel. Though jeepney is the common means of transportation, riding your own car is more convenient compared to a jeepney ride. Still, jeepney is the cheapest means of transportation unlike the very high fuel expenses you will incur with your own car. The only benefit of owning a car is that at any time you could go to any destination you want without the hassle of waiting for a ride or endure the inconvenience of public  transportation. Also, having our own car qualifies you for car title loans in case you needed extra cash. 
          Car title loans is a type of loan where the borrower would only have to show his car title to be able to be approved with the loan. Of course the car must also be in good shape for a speed up approval of the loan. It is typically a short term loan with a higher interest rate compared to other type of loans. That is why it is marketed as small emergency loans. Aside from these the payment of the loan and the fees is paid in one lump sum amount which is usually paid within a month. Car title loans are easier to acquire but it is risky as well. It is putting at high risk an asset, the cars, which is very essential and useful to any working individuals. Still, car title  loans is an easier way of acquiring readily available cash.