Sunday, March 4, 2012

Car Title Loans

          My husband and I had been planning to buy a new car. It is our goal, our dream and aspiration to be able to have our own car. Before we got married, my husband already had his own car but because of some of the impractical features of the car,my husband sold it. Thankfully, I have supportive brother-in-laws who often let us borrow their cars in case of long distance travel. Though jeepney is the common means of transportation, riding your own car is more convenient compared to a jeepney ride. Still, jeepney is the cheapest means of transportation unlike the very high fuel expenses you will incur with your own car. The only benefit of owning a car is that at any time you could go to any destination you want without the hassle of waiting for a ride or endure the inconvenience of public  transportation. Also, having our own car qualifies you for car title loans in case you needed extra cash. 
          Car title loans is a type of loan where the borrower would only have to show his car title to be able to be approved with the loan. Of course the car must also be in good shape for a speed up approval of the loan. It is typically a short term loan with a higher interest rate compared to other type of loans. That is why it is marketed as small emergency loans. Aside from these the payment of the loan and the fees is paid in one lump sum amount which is usually paid within a month. Car title loans are easier to acquire but it is risky as well. It is putting at high risk an asset, the cars, which is very essential and useful to any working individuals. Still, car title  loans is an easier way of acquiring readily available cash.


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