Tuesday, March 6, 2012


       Being always on a ride is risky. More often than not there are accidents that happened along the way. The vehicles involved could be cars, buses or jeepneys but most of the time it is a motorcycle accident. If lucky enough the injuries attained by parties involve could only be bruises but some are at the worst scenario. If only all parties involve could have personal injury claims East of England that could compensate the expenses involve for the medical check up. I could still remember the time when the jeepney I rode on met an accident. It bumped into the  vehicle at its front because it suddenly stop. Thankfully no one was harm but some us felt some parts of our body are aching. My hand was aching because at the time of the accident I hold on to something to brace the impact and someone's elbow hit my head that it is aching as well. Since, it was just a minor accident we were not send off to the nearest hospital. My co-passengers and I ride again to another jeepney to be able to reach our destination, as if no accidents happened. I think it is always the scenario if only minor accidents involve. They focus more on the damaged properties not on the personal injuries attained by parties involve. That is how things go. 


mikexplorer said...

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mikexplorer said...

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