Friday, September 30, 2011

Praying and Jeepney Ride

      My travel time from our house to my new workplace is one hour and thirty minutes. It is compose of two jeepney rides and one ride with tricycle. My first jeepney ride would took me one hour before I will reach my first destination. Since I got nothing to do, I had my praying session while having a jeepney ride. At first, I doubt if I could pray at that state but it is effective. I wore sunglasses and I close my eyes so that I will not get distracted. For that one hour ride, I could pray and say all the things I have to say to the Lord. I feel safe amidst the long travel time because I know I am with the Lord. Thank you Jesus for all the safe jeepney rides I took everyday.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Music in the Jeepney

     Music is a good form of entertainment. It is one way of loosing our anxiety and boredom. In a one particular  jeepney ride, I was able to ride a jeepney with a music. They played music of famous artist like duran duran that I was wondering if I could have a privilege to have duran duran tickets and watch them live. Another song played was by deadmau 5, followed by songs of dave koz and other famous artist. Artists that  I want to watch in a concert with great audience. If only I have deadmau 5 tickets, dave koz tickets and other concert tickets. Good thing, has concert event listing for dave koz and deadmau5 and the hit rock group Duran Duran performing live. I will surely reserve some tickets for these if only this is near to my place and if I have the resources to avail it . It will surely be a great opportunity. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Floating Jeepney

      It is raining and usually in the city there are areas that are flooding. When it is flooding, it would also mean that there are stranded passengers and long traffic. I really can't believe it that my one hour ride became three hours because of the heavy rain that causes flooding. The water could already reach your knee and though it is already high, there are still risk-taker jeepney drivers that would still cross the flooding roads. Some would hesitate that are only few jeepneys on this days that passengers would have to wait for hours to be able to have a jeepney ride. I waited almost an hour until I could be able to ride on the jeepney with the route towards home. I waited patiently but it was so tiresome. I hope all canals and dikes would be reconstructed so that there would be no more flooding and so that there would be no more floating jeepney around. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nationwide Strike

      There is a nationwide strike today. Almost all jeepney drivers did not drive their jeepney today. They are doing this to indulge their petition to increase the fare in response to the increasing gasoline prices. As result passengers today find difficulty in looking for a public vehicle to ride on so that they could be able to reach their destinations on time. Some schools declared a holiday but still almost every corner are jammed pack with passengers waiting for a jeepney. I am very lucky that I was able to ride easily amidst the shortage of jeepneys. Hope the government could find a solution in this issue so that there will be no more nationwide strike that affects the public.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jeepney Ride of Life

      Life is like a jeepney ride. It is a one way ride with no return. Passengers in a jeepney are like people in our lives that at some point they will leave us or would always stay as our co-passengers. Every destination is like stages in life that we meet new people around that help us grow.

      In this new stage of my life, I am so happy to have great co-passengers as I enjoy married life. Few days ago, I celebrated my first birthday as a married person and I celebrated it with loving people who were newly added in my list of co-passengers in life. They had been my brother/sister-in-laws,nieces and nephews who spend some time, money and effort to give me a happy celebration.

       Though my immediate family wasn't there to celebrate it with me, I am happy that they had been around. Although I am a new member in their family, they accepted me wholeheartedly. I am so grateful to have them.

      With these lovable people around, I am sure I will have a great jeepney ride of life with them. I hope you will also enjoy the ride of your life the same way I do. Cheers!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bizarre Dream

        I had been having dreams again.  This dream somehow bothers me of what is its meaning or what is the message it wants to convey to me. In my dream, I was waiting for a jeepney in one of the corners in the city. In that corner, I saw my husband with a companion but we seem like friends only. He rode ahead of me. When I already arrived in a housing subdivision, I visited a house then walk again to look for my husband. I looked and at the end of the street, there was a church and a Sunday service was being held. I returned back and after few houses I saw my husband. I was so furious with him because he left me behind. Then I woke up.
        I told my husband about it and he told me that if a dream is about leaving someone behind it means death. If you are dreaming of crossing a river and you can’t cross, it is a reminder that you are allowing temptations to weaken your relationship with the Lord. He told me that maybe I am spiritually weak that I am having bizarre dreams. If only there would be dream catchers that would catch dreams and interpret it for us. I only hope and pray that nothing bad will happen to me and my family.