Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Music in the Jeepney

     Music is a good form of entertainment. It is one way of loosing our anxiety and boredom. In a one particular  jeepney ride, I was able to ride a jeepney with a music. They played music of famous artist like duran duran that I was wondering if I could have a privilege to have duran duran tickets and watch them live. Another song played was by deadmau 5, followed by songs of dave koz and other famous artist. Artists that  I want to watch in a concert with great audience. If only I have deadmau 5 tickets, dave koz tickets and other concert tickets. Good thing, Ticketamerica.com has concert event listing for dave koz and deadmau5 and the hit rock group Duran Duran performing live. I will surely reserve some tickets for these if only this is near to my place and if I have the resources to avail it . It will surely be a great opportunity. 

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