Friday, September 30, 2011

Praying and Jeepney Ride

      My travel time from our house to my new workplace is one hour and thirty minutes. It is compose of two jeepney rides and one ride with tricycle. My first jeepney ride would took me one hour before I will reach my first destination. Since I got nothing to do, I had my praying session while having a jeepney ride. At first, I doubt if I could pray at that state but it is effective. I wore sunglasses and I close my eyes so that I will not get distracted. For that one hour ride, I could pray and say all the things I have to say to the Lord. I feel safe amidst the long travel time because I know I am with the Lord. Thank you Jesus for all the safe jeepney rides I took everyday.

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Chloebelle said...

i always wonder why others wore sunglasses inside the jeepney. Now I know for some,hope everybody will do it. For me i always close my eyes and pray .Nice routine keep it up.