Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jeepney Ride of Life

      Life is like a jeepney ride. It is a one way ride with no return. Passengers in a jeepney are like people in our lives that at some point they will leave us or would always stay as our co-passengers. Every destination is like stages in life that we meet new people around that help us grow.

      In this new stage of my life, I am so happy to have great co-passengers as I enjoy married life. Few days ago, I celebrated my first birthday as a married person and I celebrated it with loving people who were newly added in my list of co-passengers in life. They had been my brother/sister-in-laws,nieces and nephews who spend some time, money and effort to give me a happy celebration.

       Though my immediate family wasn't there to celebrate it with me, I am happy that they had been around. Although I am a new member in their family, they accepted me wholeheartedly. I am so grateful to have them.

      With these lovable people around, I am sure I will have a great jeepney ride of life with them. I hope you will also enjoy the ride of your life the same way I do. Cheers!!!


kimmy said...

what a nice and grateful person you are. may God bless you always! left you a KI$$ and i'm following you now, hope you do the same, thanks!

KM said...

belated happy birthday :) and always enjoy the ride ^^

Partitur Musik klasik said...

many happy return..

reina said...

thanks.. May all of us enjoy the ride of our life..