Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mutilated money

YIn a one jeepney ride, I was out of coins and my next money bill is P500. Upon looking at my wallet I was able to find a P20 mutilated money. It was in my wallet for a long time already. It was originally part of our petty cash fund and was exchanged with my personal money. So at that moment in the jeepney I must choose between a crisp P500 bill or a mutilated P20 bill wherein my jeepney fare is only P16. Whichever I will choose I  might still be scolded by the jeepney driver because P500 is a big amount that he might not have change for it and the mutilated P20 bill might not be acceptable. I choose to pay the mutilated P20 bill but if only I had other smaller bills I would not pay it. Anyways upon paying it, the driver accepted it right away and gave me back my change. I was bothered and keep thinking about it. The driver might not be able to use that bill anymore but I hope he could still be able to do so. The bottom line of the story is to always check your available coins and bills before riding a jeepney. :)


cheekeegirl said...

Yes. But sometimes, when you're in a hurry and your mind is very occupied, you can't think of that anymore.. It also happened to me worst is my coins are not enough and I have a bigger bill w/c the driver don't have change for that.

lovealways said...

i agree with you. i am also afraid that i'll be scolded in front of many people