Monday, October 8, 2012

Friendly Chat

      It was a coincidence. I was able to have as a co passenger my schoolmate before who was also staying in the same village where I lived. When we are still students  we always ride on the same jeepney that even if we are not classmates we got to know each other. While on our way, I was able to have a friendly chat with her. We have talked about being newly married, the experience, struggles and adjustments encountered  I was happy to see her. It was only lately that I was able to knew that she already moved together with her husband to their new house in the nearby subdivision. We are so engrossed on talking that I barely noticed that I already arrived on my destination. Hope in my next jeepney ride, she could still be my co passenger so that I will barely notice the time of travel. Till my next jeepney ride guys!. 

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