Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Passenger to Endure

              My legs are almost numb as I step down from the jeepney. This had all been because of my big fat teenage girl seatmate. She was the last one who rode the fully loaded jeepney and on our way we kept on moving to accommodate her. She kept on pushing her butt so that she could sit properly on such a small space available for her. Her shirt is wet with perspiration and sweat kept falling on her face as she rode the jeepney. I am next to her  that I could feel her wet shirt and my legs get hurt as she keep on inserting herself on the available space.I wanted to complain but I remembered that jeepney is a public vehicle wherein different type of passengers ride. My seatmate is only one of the many insensitive passengers I must endure while having my jeepney ride.

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