Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why Jeepney Ride?

            Why Jeepney Ride? Of all the topics to choose from, why jeepney ride? It all started when I was in college. My teacher in writing subject gave us an assignment to write any topic we want. Since jeepney ride is an everyday activity for me, I wrote about this topic. I was so hopeful that I would be able to convey in my write up the things I experienced during my jeepney ride,  but I was wrong. My teacher told me that there is nothing interesting in a jeepney ride because people doesn't always interact in a jeepney ride. Passengers do not mind each other in a jeepney and that how was I able to have some learnings from such.
               This blog is entitled Jeepney Ride. I created this a year ago. As of the moment, this would be the 17th post. In terms of earnings, it already accumulated $17.65 from link ads in posts since its creation. I admit this is an experimental blog for me to prove to myself that my teacher is wrong. If I would be given a chance to revise the title, I would still choose Jeepney Ride. Jeepney ride starts and ends my day and I find joy in every jeepney ride because it brought me to the places where I want to go which are the things I want to convey to my readers. This has been the reason behind the title Jeepney Ride.

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