Thursday, January 5, 2012

Job Assumption

        On my way to the office this morning, I was able to encounter a very interrogative driver. Our office was situated in a private village and it is a house but has an office setup inside. Eventhough I was wearing formal attire which is in skirts and in high heels, he asked me if I was working as a nanny. I told him I am not a nanny. So he asked me again if I am an all around maid. I told him I am not a maid and instead I do accounting jobs. So he asked me again if I do really account everything. I said to him that I don't necessarily account everything only useful information. I was kind of offended by some of his questions but later on got to understand why he was able to formulate that type of questions. I got to realized that if you are working in a house, the typical assumption of your job could be a nanny or a housemaid. These are jobs that may not be included in DATS Jobs and could not be an approriate job for college graduates. I never thought that a house office would give a different job assumption to other people. 

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