Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baseball Game

     In my jeepneyride going to down town, I always pass by in these big open field. It would always catch my attention because several people gathered here to watch different games. It may be soccer, Frisbee or baseball games. Of these games, baseball is the game where I could more relate to. I was able to join a baseball game during my high school days for extracurricular activities. Somehow I was able to experience the hardship and joy of reaching the homebase. I think it would be more fun if I was part of the live audience instead of being a player. It has been my dream to watch a live professional baseball league game. I would really jump for joy if I would have miami marlins tickets, kansas city royals tickets and los_angeles angels of anaheim tickets. It would really be a nice experience and a baseball game worth remembering. 

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