Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Four Blind Men

      Another weird jeepney ride it has been. Weird for the first time ever, I was able to have co-passengers who were blind. Not only one but four of them. At first I didn't knew that they were blind. They caught my attention when they kept on laughing and joking. It was only then that I focused my eyes on their face and on their eyes. There eyes were not fully opened and the eyeballs that could be seen were all white. They were accompanied by another slightly blind  man. When they already reach their location, they hold hands and slowly moved down out of the jeepney. It was inspiring to see them laugh and joked around despite of their incapacity. They made me to appreciate what I have now  and to refrain myself from complaining. It is a reminder that whatever I maybe experiencing right now, I am still fortunate compared to others.


Staff Administrator said...

great post!

kim said...

you are right! no matter how tough life gets, if you still have complete faculties, you are, indeed, a lucky person..