Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chasing Time

       Now that I am staying away from my workplace, I am always chasing time not to be late from work. In going to work my transportation entails two motorcycle rides and two jeepney rides. If I would not be late, I could let go of one motorcycle ride and just walk that short distance from the jeepney stopover towards our office. Luckily, I was not late since the time I transferred to my mother's house. Well, thanks to my husband who always drives for me in going to the office whenever he is in the city. When he is not around, I must wake up early in order not to be stranded in the traffic or wait for a couple of minutes for a jeepney ride. I must not be late or else there would be a deduction in my payroll. I hope my everyday jeepney ride would go smoothly away from traffic and most importantly away from accidents.  I promised my husband not to complain about it because what I am experiencing is a small sacrifice compared to others. Goodluck to my everyday jeepney ride and hope chasing time would be minimized.


lovealways said...

i hope we can be passengers next time..hehehe

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