Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jeepney Ride Accessories

          Jeepney is an open-window vehicle. Since it is open, the wind goes in and out inside the jeepney. To be able to enjoy your jeepney ride you must bring along with you your jeepney ride accessories. First thing is the sunglasses. Aside from protecting your eyes from sun’s rays, sunglasses would also protect your eyes from the small particles blown away by the wind. Second is the big handkerchief or the “bandana”. It is used to cover your hair so that it won’t be stiff with dust. Of course you should also not forget your handkerchief. Since the wind blown away by vehicles is not only full of dust but also mixed with pollution, you should cover your nose and mouth with handkerchief. For long distance travel with rough roads, jeepney passengers bring coats or jacket because aside from protecting themselves from cold wind it would also cover up their clothing from dust. These are only some of the things you must bring along with you for a comfortable and enjoyable jeepney ride. Have a safe ride.

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