Monday, February 24, 2014

Jeepney in the Province

Jeepney in the province typically looks like this. It may have baggages strap all over it. Passengers ride inside the jeepney, at the back and even at the top of it. Jeepney route in the province may only took 2-4 trips a day that they maximize every trip with a lot of passengers the jeepney could accommodate. I once experienced riding a jeepney on top of it and I enjoyed it very much. Being on top the jeepney is the spot wherein the dust could not reach you when traveling a very rough and dusty road. This could only be experienced in the province because this is not allowed in the city. Well for me, riding a jeepney in the province is a must-try experience.


Unknown said...

I also like riding on top of the jeepney. Conductors will find it difficult to collect your fare if you ride on top hehe.

The Mufflerman said...

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Nicolas said...

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